Is Self-Cracking Your Back Bad?

No one likes to feel stiff, especially not in the back. We have all seen someone sitting facing forward then twist into bizarre poses as popping noises come out of their back. Sometimes they seem relieved, whereas other times they look smug.

Let’s explore self-cracking and what it means for your body.

Bad Posture

Many people have poor posture in their day-to-day lives. Some bad habits include slouching, shoulders rolling forward, and disproportionately leaning one way.

One of the worst things you can do to harm your body’s posture is sitting for most of the day as many people have to do at work. Back posture falls severely short for those who work at a computer station for several hours a day. Typically, these people lean forward with their head in front of their shoulders. Gravity starts to pull down and create imbalances along their spine.

Why “Self-Cracking” Your Back Feels Good

Your body will work to protect itself from harm. When poor posture leads to nerve compression in your spine, the fascia, ligaments, muscles, and tendons work to compensate for the missing support. Pain and stiffness result when these tissues get tired and can no longer provide support.

When people experience pain, they often react to it. When people crack their backs, they move air pockets in their joints around causing a “popping” noise. The movement of the air pockets may trigger pain-relieving nerves which makes the cracker feel good.

Why “Self-Cracking” is Harmful Long Term

Self-cracking your back is not great for you. At best, when you crack your back, you do an action similar to taking a pain-killer - you treat the symptom, but don’t have an impact on the underlying cause.

Additionally, your body has responded to misalignments in the back by restricting the range of motion to protect your spine. Any cracks can disrupt this stabilizing compensation.

Seek Professional Help

Instead of cracking your back to gain a few moments of escape from the pain, seek professional chiropractic help. A trained and licensed chiropractor will be able to diagnose and adequately adjust your spine to give you long-term pain-relief. Working toward a sustainable, aligned spine will make all the difference in your life.

The medical professionals at Delta Chiropractic Center of Lansing have the skill and training to assess, diagnose, explain, and modify people’s body to bring pain and stiffness relief. Contact our team today to set up your consultation.


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