Zyto Scan & Nutrition

Restore Balance in Your Body with Our Nutritional Coaching & Zyto Scan Program in Lansing, MI

Body chemistry is intricately involved with energy levels, healing, immune response, digestion, inflammation, and more.

Lansing Zyto Scan & Nutrition | Delta Chiropractic Center - nutritionWe have methods of evaluating and improving body chemistry, starting with our immensely popular and effective Zyto bioscan and nutritional program.

This computerized bio-feedback scan helps us to evaluate your body chemistry, where your body is struggling to be chemically healthy, and what your body needs in order to function better. The computer program sends micro-electric signals into your body through the hand cradle. These signals test your response to 120 different “Virtual Stimulus Items” (VSI’s).  The neuro-electrical response of your body is ‘read’ by the computer, which relates your VSI’s to biomarkers, or health care factors that would benefit from additional support.

Finally, the program develops recommendations for nutrition, and other care protocols, such as massage therapy, Whole Body Vibration, exercise, and others, that will help bring your body chemistry closer to ideal. The doctor will go over your report with you on your next visit.

Biocommunication Factors of Healing

There are three main areas of health that will impact your ability to heal. These are:

  • Structure – the alignment and stability of your skeletal system, from your feet to the top of your spine.
  • Chemistry – the nutritional, diet and toxic issues that impact your health.
  • Neurological – the nerve pathways that allow your brain to coordinate all the organs, muscles, glands and other tissues, impacted by traumas, both physical and emotional.

Interpreting Your Zyto Scan Results

Depending on the results of your Zyto bioscan, while also factoring the information gleaned from your free 10 point pain screening, our doctors will have a complete picture of your overall wellness. This roadmap describes your symptoms and helps to illustrate the root causes, as well as how to treat your ailments. Those recommendations typically include a combination of chiropractic, massage, and diet or wellness services.


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